Ray Erwin (Lake Worth, Tx)  I was one of many Attendees at your Training and Firearms proficiency course,
    on 02/10/2018.   I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the class) the content of the training
    material) and the professionalism you exhibited throughout both the classroom and range sessions.

    As a Special Agent, I received firearms instruction from the FBI, US Secret Service, and the Air Force Office of
    Special Investigations. Your program is on par with the training I received from these Agencies. The
    Classroom Instruction; your attention to the Detail of the Requirements of the Law; and the high quality of
    instruction and safety you demonstrated during live fire, exceeded my expectations and are a tribute to the
    standards I would expect from a person functioning in your capacity.

    I am writing to commend you of your execution of the Sacred Duty entrusted to you by the State of Texas,
    and I highly recommend you to anyone seeking a License To Carry;

    Michael Parish (Azle) Thanks Stoney and Sandra!  It was fun and thanks for the extra time in training we
    would have not gotten anywhere else.  You guys rock!

    Jessica (Plano)   Thank you for teaching this class this weekend. I learned a great deal and with the
    knowledge feel a little more comfortable with handguns.  Your company name is so appropriate for you!
    You are a wonderful teacher!  It was such a pleasure to finally meet Sandra!  She is so sweet and patient! :)  
    Y'all are a good pair!! :)  Andy had a great time & learned a great deal too. Plus you convinced him the
    importance of teaching the kids. So, in the near future, I believe he will be teaching them as well.     You
    should have seen my parents expression when I told them I took your class!!  They were very surprised!      I
    believe, when I get the LTC, I will be the 1st person in my family to have one.

    Rita A. King (Plano)   Having grown up in the country I held a healthy respect for weapons, but had no desire
    to own one.  Even as a single woman living in the city, I signed up for the LTC class mostly as an obligatory
    matter in the line of duty. After the hours of in-classroom training, I was still unconvinced of my need or
    desire for the actual license.  However, after firing the weapon on range, feeling the sense of
    accomplishment in acing the qualification and then knowing I could defend myself if necessary, I completely
    changed my mind. Stoney and his associates provide more than just a very thorough training, but also
    opened my eyes to  potential dangers around me and empowered me to arm myself against victimization
    while providing an enjoyable new hobby. I highly recommend Stoney’s LTC class to anyone considering the

    Dave and Karen (NW Fort Worth)  Just a note to tell you how much Karen and I enjoyed taking our LTC
    certification class with you. The environment of your lovely home made for a pleasant Friday night and
    Saturday. Your presentation made otherwise dry material interesting and easy to recall when it came time
    to take the written test. If you recall, the weather at the range was like an oven, and I appreciate the way in
    which you took care of Karen' s difficulty with the heat, and the extra coaching you did to enable her to
    shoot well.   Thank you once again, I will be sending my friends that want to take to course to you.

    Jay T. and Laurie Young (Plano, Tx)  My wife and I recently took “Stoney” Stonebraker’s concealed carry
    preparation course.  I can unhesitatingly recommend the course and strongly attest to Stoney’s quality as
    an instructor.  The course was well-designed and structured.  Stoney used a number of examples to
    illustrate possible threat situations and potential means of dealing with them.  In addition, Stoney
    explained the law surrounding concealed carry rights and obligations with clarity and completeness.  The
    sections concerning weapons characteristics and proper handling were also well done.  Again, Stoney and
    his fellow instructor walked all of us through proper loading, firing stances, safety procedures and other
    foundational procedures prior to going to the range.  While at the range, we all qualified in a well-run
    session.  Stoney’s course was outstanding.  My wife had never fired a gun before and she felt both well
    prepared and comfortable as she learned how to handle a weapon.  I have much more experience with
    guns but still learned a great deal from Stoney and his fellow instructors.   Please do not hesitate to contact
    me or my wife if you have any additional questions about Stoney and his course.

    Ed Strickland, Azle, Texas     I just completed the instruction part of the Texas LTC program with Mr.
    Stonebraker as my instructor.  It was a most enjoyable experience -  Stoney Stonebraker's experience and
    knowledge was truly amazing.  He patiently explained all of the material, gave an exceptional course in gun
    safety and handling.  His training at the gun range was thorough and patient.  I would highly recommend
    that anyone seeking to take this course select Stoney Stonebraker.
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