STAMUS recognizes the following companies:

TACFLOW ACADEMY a Phoenix, Arizona based Tactical Training Academy.  Minority Owned Small
Business that was founded by Rigo Durazo in 2009.  He has a combative program that uses behavioral
coded learning, which is key for combative disciplines from the hands on phase, to shooting and movement
skills. By using commonalities in behavior for multiple disciplines, students learn
to utilize these combative shapes to solve multiple problems.

TACFLOW ACADEMY staff and instructors, possess decades of collective law Enforcement, personal
protection and combat-honed military experience, and we understand the importance of realistic, intense
training and preparation.  The TACFLOW team is committed to providing mission tailored training and
solutions to its law enforcement and military customers. They bring a combination of management
consulting, technical expertise, and operational knowledge to develop solutions for our customers.

Rigo Durazo is the founder of TACFLOW™ and was the Director of Training for Craft International until
it ceased doing business in 2015. He has over 20 years' experience in the global security field, specializing
in low signature protection in some of the most remote regions of the world. He worked as a business
liaison into Mexico and Latin America as a security and anti-kidnapping specialist.  TACFLOW™ was
developed as a collaboration of ancient technology fusing or flowing with modern weaponry. Rigo has
spent years translating this information to operators including SWAT officers, Secret Service, DEA,
Undercover/ Narcotics officers, Human Trafficking Units, Patrol, and Military personnel.

Today Rigo Durazo oversees all of Tacflow's Training Program offerings and curriculum and is the founder
of Tacflow Academy™. He is the senior instructor for SEACA SYSTEMA (South East Asia Combative
Arts SYSTEMA) a synthesis of Kali systems and several Silat systems. His earned title is Maha Guru
Durazo which was granted by Grand Master "Manu" Gardea. He teaches using the SEACA SYSTEMA
philosophies and methods.  

Rigo Durazo was introduced to Chief C. Kyle, USN/SEAL through his students in the community. When
Kyle saw that Rigo taught true violence, and not the usual martial arts sport applications, he told him he was
doing his country a disservice by not sharing that information to the military and law enforcement
communities. He invited Rigo to join Craft International, LLC, inclusive of some of the most highly
qualified experts/operators in their respective crafts. TACFLOW Training has been the official training
partner of Craft International, LLC from 2009 until 2015, when they ceased to take on new business. The
training cadre for Craft International has found a home under TACFLOW Academy moving forward and
you can continue to receive the same high caliber training you have grown to expect, from the same
instructor team you know and trust.   Every member of the TACFLOW Training team has been chosen not
only for their expertise and knowledge, but also for their commitment to excellence. There are many
exceptional operators out there, but the ability to translate that knowledge to others is a valuable skill in
itself. Drawing from a team with diverse backgrounds allows us to custom tailor courses of almost any
curriculum. The TACFLOW teaching methodology is more than a system, it is a way of translating
information in a manageable, intelligent way.  

TACFLOW conducts their specialized training in the Northern Phoenix, Arizona area.  The live fire
exercises will be at the well-known CowTown Gun range which is a short drive from the bustling urban city
of Peoria, Arizona (a large suburb of Phoenix).  The training range is off-the-beaten path and highly
secluded, offering a prime facility when privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance.  

The 80-acre CowTown property is an ideal location for conducting the specialized and unique training to
units that require a low signature presence, because it has a multi-use venue for specialized weapons
training events.  The facility features a vast natural desert terrain with unique structures, including a full
ghost town, Afghanistan/Mexican village, six shooting bays, and more.  

The classroom, CQC, and shoothouse training will be performed less than 20 minutes away at the new
TACFLOW indoor training facility, opening early August 2015.  The TACFLOW facility is a climate
controlled 20,000sq/ft+ facility that can be closed to the public during the week for complete privacy.  It
has a large classroom area; 3,000sq/ft designated gym area for movement and CQC drills; and
approximately 10,000 sq/ft indoor shoothouse with movable walls for force on force scenarios.  The
shoothouse area also has the ability to bring in vehicles to run force on force vehicle scenarios as well as
the ability to run low light encounters.  

PROACTIVE DEFENSE is Texas Based Defensive Handgun Training Company.  Their facility is
located close to Fort Worth and Denton.  They have several outdoor ranges which will provide you with the
best real-life defensive handgun training opportunity. Training is available for all levels of experience,
whether in group or one-on-one sessions.  Range time is also available to the public; check their
for hours of operation.   Our staff is here to help you achieve your training goals. Whether you are a
beginning shooter or an experienced marksman, you are sure to find something here at Proactive Defense
that will enhance your skills and abilities.   

Chris Rainey is the owner of PROACTIVE DEFENSE has numerous commendations and certifications in
law enforcement. He has attended multiple nationally recognized firearms academies, and has trained with
the Marine Corps, FBI and LA SWAT. Chris has real-life experience handling threatening situations, always
with safety first.
Law enforcement officer for 13 years
Departmental firearms instructor
SWAT team member and instructor
Extensive experience with new students
Professional airline pilot
Professional flight instructor

STAMUS Consulting Founder's Background:

STAMUS was founded in 2012 by Ken "Stoney" Stonebraker, LTC (Ret) who has extensive experience in
training, training development and coordination in both a prior enlisted/NCO and retired Army Officer.   He
served 26 years in the United States Army (Active and Reserve).  During his military service, he has served
as a:

Enlisted - United States Army (Active Duty/Reserve) with the highest rank held was E-6 Staff Sergeant.
MOSs held, 16C Nike Hercules Missile Specialist, 95B Military Police, 76Y Supply Sergeant, 11B4H
Special Weapons Instructor and Demolition Instructor. Received special training in Explosives (Improvised
Explosives), Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape (SERE) and Sniper Training at Fort Chaffee, Ark with 12th
Special Forces, Tulsa, Oklahoma and was member of a 5th Army Pistol and Rifle Team.  Competed in
Large Bore Rifle Competition at Fort Riley and Camp Perry.  

Commission Officer - United States Army (Active Duty/Reserve) with the highest rank held was O-5,
Lieutenant Colonel performing the following:.

Project Manager for Directorate Training Development, Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma,  
planned and coordinated the development of Survey and Target Acquisition training manuals and their
related future tactical operation procedures for U.S. Army Field Artillery personnel.

Battalion Ammunition Officer/Executive Officer in Hawaii, planned and coordinated numerous logistics
operations with Hickam AFB on major air redeployment for all of the 25th Infantry Division Artillery
(Hawaii) on an off-island Division Exercises..   

Brigade Fire Support Officer  coordinated Fire Support operations and training with 1st Brigade, 25th
Infantry Division and the 3rd Naval Fleet on a major off island deployments and 15th ABW U.S. Air Force  
on an off-island Division Exercises.

Assistant Operations Officer, coordinated and supervised all air Rapid Deployment operations and planned,
coordinated and supervised a 62 Car train deployment of a Field Artillery Battalion from Fort Sill, Ok to
Fort Irwin, National Training Center (NTC).

War Plans Officer for 21st Support Command, he planned, developed and coordinated with higher, lateral,
and subordinate headquarters on CLASSIFIED war plans issues for U.S. ARMY EUROPE (USAREUR)
directed war plans, in 4 separate European countries for the largest forward-deployed logistics headquarters
in the U.S. Army.  

Battalion Logistics Officer (BN S-4) He was responsible for all logistics planning and coordination in
support of all Texas National Guard/Reserve military training operations.  

Operations Officer for 90th ARCOM, he planned, coordinated, supervised air and rail logistics and
maintenance operations for all Tactical units mobilizing to Desert Shield/Storm.  

Assistant Commandant of School, he was responsible for all courses of instruction for Enlisted and Officer
training for a United States Army Reserve Force School operations in the Great State of Texas.    

Brigade Operations Officer who was responsible for the planning and coordination of all military instruction
and logistics support in 9 States.  

Commanded (3) three units:

Battery Commander of
HQ Battery, 2nd Battalion, 36th Field Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma with 16 Officers
and 112 Enlisted personnel for a nuclear capable 155mm Howitzer Battalion

Battery Commander of
C Battery, Staff and Faculty Battalion, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, was the Largest Field
Artillery Battery in the Army consisting of 563 commissioned and enlisted Personnel

Battalion Commander of
2nd Military Police Battalion, 4th Brigade Texas State Guard.  Fort Worth, Texas.
STAMUS Consulting Service, LLC (STAMUS) is a consulting and training services provider who assist
small defense industry businesses and tactical training companies who offer a wide range of services and
training to federal, state and local agencies with complete operation success.   

Mission preparation and training are essential to success of our customers.  STAMUS is supported  by a
mix of former active or retired military/law enforcement personnel and successful businessmen. We strives
to be a consultant to leaders in integrated training and security solutions for operational environments and
situations.   STAMUS is committed to providing a combination of management consulting, technical
expertise, and operational knowledge to provide training and solutions for its customers.
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